The Chatsworthy Day We Haddon

Return Date Unknown
16 min readJun 3, 2019

Day: 181

Towns / Cities Visited: 112

Countries Visited: 22

Steps Taken Today: 14,494

Steps Taken Around the World: 3,044,204

Today was to be another full day of adventure, and despite the dreary weather, we were packed and on our way before too long. Our first destination for the day was another I had been looking forward to for some time; Haddon Hall. Now aside from being another historic country house, it has also played host to many television and film productions due to its stunning appearance, including many period dramas. As such, it first came to my attention when I saw the BBC miniseries of Charlotte Brontë’s ‘Jane Eyre’ produced in 2006, a series I fell in love with almost as much as I had the novel itself, and in which Haddon Hall becomes the fictional Thornfield Hall. Thus it was with excitement that we parked the car and made our way through the cold and drizzle of the morning, across the quint little stone bridge that crossed the river, and up to the front gate of the property.

As per usual, let me give you a little background on the site, for context sake. The original hall was built on this site in the 11th century, but the property was expanded greatly between the 13th and 17th centuries. It isn’t quite big enough to be called a palace, nor is it fortified enough to be considered a castle, but it does retain the charming qualities of both. The property has been one of the seats of the Manners family, the Earls of Rutland, who later became the Dukes of Rutland, for more than three centuries. However with the upgrade in title, the Manners family upgraded their residence by moving to Belvoir Castle, and as a result Haddon Hall was left relatively unused from 1703 onwards, falling into disrepair in its abandonment. Luckily, in the 1920’s the 9th Duke of Rutland realised the hall’s significance and began restorations on the property. It is now open as a tourist attraction, however parts of the property remain the residence of Lord Edward Manners, the brother of the current 11th Duke of Rutland.



Return Date Unknown

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