Surrey To Say Goodbye

Return Date Unknown
8 min readMay 17, 2021

Travelled this trip:

Days: 279

Towns / Cities Visited: 182

Countries Visited: 30

Steps Taken Around the World: 4,430,255

This shan’t be a standard blog, I’m afraid. I do not have grand tales of traversing foreign lands and seeing wild and wonderful things to share. Alas, I am here to share some final thoughts. The remaining five weeks of our trip were spent rather routinely, our days filled largely with trying to shift some of the backlog of blogs we still had to write, editing our 400+ page novel, arguing over said novel, and trying to shed some of the shameful number of kilos we had put on over the past nine months. That’s not to say there weren’t a few highlights to brighten the time though.

We had the opportunity to spend our first Christmas not only away from Australian soil, but in colder climes. This also marked the first Christmas we were actually able to spend the day together, with me having had to work the previous years. To make it even more special, Tony and Lisa’s son James and his partner Annaliese invited us to celebrate with them all; a kind gesture we were hugely grateful for. This celebration saw us welcomed with gifts from not only Annaliese’s parents but her grandparents too, along with the usual massive waves of food. I, for my own part, added to the feast with my own addition of homemade gingerbread and chocolate truffles.

This was also a celebration which led to a rather amusing discussion between Annaliese’s grandfather and myself in regards to the fact my partner and I met on Tinder. It went vaguely along the lines of him asking ‘Did you write in your profile that you cook and clean?’, to which I responded with ‘No, I wasn’t looking for a misogynist’. A response which garnered a few looks of satisfied shock from the family; the kind of faces which say, ‘We’ve always wanted to say something like that to him’. The other highlight of course being him stating ‘A faggot will always be a faggot to me’, to which I couldn’t help to shoot back, ‘You can think whatever you want in your head, just don’t say it out loud’. Now, I’m not saying we didn’t also share some great conversations in between the morally questionable stuff, and despite some prehistoric views, he really is a fairly harmless and good-humoured old…



Return Date Unknown

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