Neither Here Nor Aire

Return Date Unknown
9 min readJun 24, 2022

Day: 317

Towns / Cities Visited: 212

Countries Visited: 31

Steps Taken Today: 21,991

Steps Taken Around the World: 5,000,660

Dawn broke, and we were drawn back into the waking world to the soothing sound of trucks rumbling along the highway. All right, so it wasn’t the most pleasant wake up call, but we weren’t going to let it get us down. There was thing to see, and although one of those things was not going to be a zip line adventure as we’d originally hoped (because they were, rather inconveniently, closed for maintenance), we readied ourselves for adventure, nonetheless.

Lunch packed, we hopped in the car and made the forty-five minute drive to our first destination: Otway Fly Treetop Adventures. Getting a refund for the zip-lining tour we were no longer going on, we simply purchased tickets for the still open treetop walk and headed on out. Now, for people who have never been here, the Otways are famous for their towering temperate rainforests. Lush with around 60 species of ferns in the undergrowth and protected by the sprawling branches of the neck-achingly tall mountain ash, beech myrtle, and blackwood trees that make up the canopy, they are already something to behold from ground level. What this place offers, though, is the chance to explore them from thirty metres above the ground.

Wandering down from the visitor centre, we wound our way through the trees, taking a quick detour to enter ‘The Enchanted Forest’, a cute little trail dotted with miniature forest homes for fairies, gnomes, unicorns, leprechauns, and dragons alike. It might not have been the fanciest, but there was a childlike whimsy to it that reminded me of the fairy trail we had been on near Loch Lamond in Scotland, and the memory warmed my heart.



Return Date Unknown

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