Mortlocked and Loaded

Return Date Unknown
10 min readJan 22, 2024

Day: 353

Towns / Cities Visited: 250

Countries Visited: 31

Steps Taken Today: 14,911

Steps Taken Around the World: 5,561,919

We may have been staying on the outskirts of Adelaide for the past three nights, but it wasn’t until today that we were set to actually explore the heart of South Australia’s capital. That being said, our plans were fairly loose and revolved around attending our blood donation appointments we’d booked in the afternoon. With no great rush, we slunk out of bed and indulged in a quiet cup of tea before heading off.

So what was first up on our list? The central market, of course. Nothing tells you more about a city’s food scene than its produce market, and as far as we could tell Adelaide’s was pretty decent. In a stroke of luck that is basically unheard of in Melbourne, we managed to find all-day parking just a block and a half away for just $8. With the car safe from ticket inspectors, we grabbed our bag and wandered off in the warm winter sunlight to discover what treats we could find for ourselves.

Unlike our hometown Queen Victoria Market, Adelaide’s version is entirely enclosed and fairly cramped, but the array of products and purveyors was vast and varied nonetheless. Although we were not in need of any fresh produce, we had forgone our usual breakfast in order to try some of the ready to eat sweet options on offer. As we began to wander up and down the aisles, ogling the endless array of items we wished we could buy, we stumbled upon a stall neither of us even needed to speak to know we would be patronising. There, against the far wall, stood a little stand selling poffertjes, or traditional Dutch pancakes (for those of you not up on your Dutch dish names).

Of course, ever since we had the most amazing serve of them from a tiny cart beside the Kinderdijk in the Netherlands, we have brought them at almost every place we’ve seen them being sold. None had lived up to that rosy memory, but we were always willing to continue in our pursuit to find a contender. Speaking to the lady diligently flipping the tiny pancakes, she explained that these were a more traditional recipe than the now common fluffy, cakey version. Instead, these ones are a thinner, more crepelike batter that puffs up to create a hollow pocket in the centre. Purchasing ours doused in icing sugar, rum butter, and a spritz of lemon juice, we were soon hunched over the plate, devouring…



Return Date Unknown

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