Martyrs For Starters and Bays for Days

Return Date Unknown
10 min readAug 10, 2022

Day: 321

Towns / Cities Visited: 217

Countries Visited: 31

Steps Taken Today: 14,621

Steps Taken Around the World: 5,080,820

Packing up a full tent set up when you haven’t had enough sleep is hard. Doing it when said tent is wet and the sky is threatening to dump more rain on you, well, that just sucks. Still, we were martyrs to our cause, and so we just bloody well got on with it. By some stroke of good fortune, the clouds decided to retain the vast majority of their precipitation, and so we continued our streak of neither having to erect nor disassemble the tent in the rain. Huzzah!

Bidding farewell to Port Campbell, a place that had offered us little more than cold, wet, and windy weather, we headed out for our somewhat cruisy day of stopping at a few lookouts and points of interest as we made our way to Warrnambool. Our first stop was a spontaneous nip into a scenic lookout over the very place we were leaving, and as I looked out the tiny town we’d done little more than sleep in, it seemed a shame it had been a less than stellar visit.

Our next detour took us to the end of a little dirt track in honour of our plush turtle, Shelley. You see, he had insisted, where at all possible, that we visit any and all Shelley/Shelly Beaches along the way. Thus, spotting one on the map, we headed towards it. Unfortunately, when we parked the car and headed off down the well-trodden path through the scrub, we soon discovered that we were not being led to a beach, but rather a towering clifftop above said beach. Shelley was a bit miffed, to put it lightly, but the view along the coastline was spectacular nonetheless. With no desire to edge close to the notoriously unstable edge to catch a glimpse of the beach below, we wandered back to the car, much to Shelley’s disapproval.

Continuing down the Great Ocean Road, we were a little sad to see that our next…



Return Date Unknown

On my dream trip to travel the world, taste its foods, see its wonders, and meet all the strange and beautiful people who reside here.