How Remarkable Couedic Possibly Be?

Return Date Unknown
11 min readJan 15, 2024

Day: 347

Towns / Cities Visited: 242

Countries Visited: 31

Steps Taken Today: 16,990

Steps Taken Around the World: 5,466,762

Our final day on Kangaroo Island had finally arrived, and although we were sad to be leaving, we were still as eager as ever to get some quality sightseeing in before we left. As such, we were up and out the door fairly quickly, skipping the usual task of making a packed lunch, as we weren’t straying far and decided to comeback for our midday meal a little later.

First up on the agenda was a visit to the southern part of Flinders Chase National Park, the same park we had explored a couple of days earlier when we visited Cape Borda and Ravine Des Casoars in the North. This area of the island was hit hardest by the bushfires two years ago, and it is easy to see the remaining scars as you make your way along the clearly new road.

Stopping in at the visitor centre, we purchased our day pass and made our way to our initial stop: Bunker Hill Lookout. There may not have been a sweeping coastline or towering mountain to please the eye, but there was seemingly endless rolling hills wrapped in stunted, regrowing forests, charred branches reaching up from the lush growth as a stark reminder of all that has been lost.



Return Date Unknown

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