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Return Date Unknown
19 min readJan 21, 2024

Day: 352

Towns / Cities Visited: 250

Countries Visited: 31

Steps Taken Today: 7,718

Steps Taken Around the World: 5,547,008

To say that we woke up seedy would be more than accurate. Luckily, with only one daytime activity on the cards, we took the welcome opportunity to rise as slowly as we liked. So slowly, in fact, that we had our breakfast and lunch in fairly quick succession before setting off. The upside of this was that we were able to have toasted sandwiches: a rare treat nowadays.

Making the short drive, we soon arrived at Adelaide Gaol. Don’t worry, we weren’t there to bail anyone out. This penitentiary, built in 1841 and standing as one of the oldest colonial buildings in the state, was decommission in the 1988, and now runs purely as a tourist attraction. As such, we headed inside, grabbed our tickets and map, and got stuck in.

This might not be the biggest, the grandest, or the creepiest gaol we’d been to, but there was plenty of little titbits to learns as we made our way around the complex. The first, and probably most ingenious in my opinion, being that instead of razor or barbed wire, much of the outer wall is topped with stacks of loose bricks. Not only was this more cost effective, but it was also dual purpose. Firstly, it’s obviously impossible to use a grappling hook on a brick that isn’t firmly attached, but more than that, you can bet that someone is going to hear the clatter of bricks falling from such a height and thudding to the ground.

Now, given that the gaol was open from the mid 1800s, it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that 45 of the state’s 66 executions happened at this gaol. Of these executions, only one of them was a woman. Her name was Elizabeth Woodcock, and she was executed for poisoning her husband. Although, by all accounts, it would seem that he had been abusive for years. She’d tried to leave him, but this was in a time when it was nigh on impossible…



Return Date Unknown

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